Monday, 28 April 2014

Graffiti Girls

My lovely friends who I met while I lived in Montreal visited me this weekend! I hadn't seen them in ages and it was awesome catching up with them and showing these two American girls a bit more of Canada.
I took them around my hometown and downtown to see the major and hidden attractions of the area! Including a giant graffiti wall, these girls love their graffiti (you have to if you live in MTL).

It was rainy the day we went downtown but they're among the most optimistic people I've ever met so it didn't rain on their parade (yes I just said that). Which in all honesty was a little eye opening for me, I see this stuff almost daily so a rainy day is a downer, but they're seeing it with fresh eyes, and the rain magically turns into ambiance. It allowed me to be a bit more appreciative of my daily surroundings!

They loved the Cyrus-esque tongue action of the Unicorn ("It's a unicorn!!!")
We went to the Parliament buildings and became celebrities to some friendly tourists from China who wanted pictures with Canadians (unfortunately for them they only got 1.5 Canadians -- half of my friend Haley is from the Great White North). There was also a funny moment when the girls hesitated to follow me onto the lawn of Parliament.

This cookie quickly turned her teeth pink!
 For lunch we went to one of my favourite places in the Byward Market and I had completely forgotten that it's the place Obama visited on his first trip to Canada as the President. They loved all the pictures and memorabilia for him!
A fun fact: These girls went CRAZY for Bulk Barn. Like they are the biggest fans ever. They couldn't believe how much the store had and the variety too. It was so funny to watch them experience something so common, and frankly, an old persons store (despite that statement it's my go-to place to buy candy before seeing a movie or partaking in a sleepover).
We went out, we hung out, and laughed about, and it was honestly a great weekend that of course went by way too quickly! I need to go see these girls this summer, and I hope they come back soon as well! Distance doesn't affect real friendships (sorry I felt like I had to have some mushy quote to finish this off).

Hope you had a lovely weekend!
Em x