Tuesday, 7 October 2014

I'm Mad, Mad, Mad for that Plaid, Plaid, Plaid

Plaid @ MFW

I can't explain it. I just am. Any item, whether it be a coat, a shirt, shoes, or a skirt, if it's that classic tartan plaid, I'm at once attracted to it. Perhaps it's the changing seasons, perhaps I've been watching too much Outlander, perhaps I'm just mad. Either way, my shopping carts are going to be full of plaid (which will make for an interesting spring).

Yeah, it's definitely the Outlander talking.
I know, plaid. It's simple, it's easy, it's fluid throughout the seasons. And I, like most, see an eighties film, with it's plaid furniture, plaid jackets, plaid skirts, and it's dated, I know. But what's old is new, and I, personally, am reveling in those era's that let it all hang out and said, what the hay, let's get it in plaid. So, without further adieu, here are my favourite kinds of plaid this season.

I love mixed plaid:
Eleonora Carisi @ NYFW
I love matched plaid:
Jessica Stam @ PFW
I love plaid pants:
10/10 outfit I must say
This is just plaidness!
Yeah, I actually just made a play on madness with plaid. Aren't you happy you're reading this?
And of course, the Zara blanket scarf. My most prized possession at this point:
This outfit. I mean TWO plaids, Leather, Studs, AND Leopard Print. This does Plaid proud.
I need to figure out a way to do this, cause that way everyday would have plaid in it.
These were inspired by Outlander, just FYI.

I am especially loving the layered look accompanied by the statement necklace. Definitely two things on my late Autumn/early Winter shopping list is a plaid (no, not the flannel plaid look, PLAID plaid - yes there is such a thing) button up to go under a knit sweater, paired with a diamond statement necklace. Classic, comfortable, yet flashy and feminine. I'm on the hunt.
Hunter green is such a great colour, is it not?

But lastly, my true goal for this shopping season, my grail, my one necessity to feel as though I've satisfied a hunger, a plaid skirt.
Miroslava Duma @ LFW
Now, my runway to "realway" is more akin to this little number from H&M. Which I would style with a great, simple yet structured blazer, or perhaps a cozy cable knit (extra points if you put a plaid shirt layered underneath!), with stockings and those oh so vogue booties, and of course that eye catching statement necklace. And of course if it's chilly, you can always throw on that Zara scarf!

Thanks for reading lovelies,
x emily